Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rebooting from Bangalore

A lot of water has flown during the last 2 months. I decided to move from Hyderabad and settle down at Bangalore. Settling down is a big word and in the current world it could mean remaining in the same place for a period of 6 months to life long. Moving to Bangalore wasnt that pleasantful !

Packing and Moving
To make things simple for us, we decided to hand over the entire "operation" to a packer and mover company. Though they did a good job, we realized our mistake only after the goods were sent. The entire household items were packed and sent on a Sunday evening and our flight to Bangalore was on Monday morning ! We had to spend a night in the house with no cot, bed, buckets, mugs, etc and lot of dust and packing waste all around us ! To make matters worse, I had also packed and sent my bike and hence there was no option of moving to my friend's place for the night ! Lessons learnt !!

Food @ Guest House
My new company was very generous to offer us a free stay for a period of 2 weeks. The accomodation was a shared one i.e., each family got one of the 3 bed rooms and we found ourselves fighting a cold war when it came to controlling the TV remote ! The guest house had a caretaker who was from Orissa who earned a platry amount of Rs. 2500. But most of his profits came from the food expenses. The food was of the lowest quality possible (for such a guest house) and there was very little variety. Further, the prices were heavily jacked up as he was aware of the allowance that was being provided by the company. His formula went something like this.

  • Price of breakfast/lunch/dinner/ snacks remain fixed (for e.g. lunch @ Rs. 45)

  • To get maximum profit, the actual expense had to be brought down sufficiently.

He had to do this because he paid for the food expenses and any profit arising out of this was entirely his !

Coming to the actual food quality. It was mostly north Indian and the main course usually contained dal, dal and dal !! Moreover, coming from Orissa, the food was totally lacking any spice or salt ! It was absolutely dull !

Moving into a new House
Finally, got a brand new house and it was all set for moving in. Only on the day that we moved in did we realize that there were pending works like cleaning the toilets (toilets are usually the last to be painted / cleaned), missed carpentry fittings, messed up electrical fittings, lift that is brand new and hence doesnt work, etc etc. So one lesson learnt is never to move into a new house unless it is your own ! Still gettings things set up like gas connection, water connection, cable, etc etc !

Running around has now become a habit !

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